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Ergonomics is the study of how best to improve the efficiency in the work place. Our Ergonomic chairs reduce discomfort while seated for long periods if used correctly. The benefit of an ergonomic chair is productivity and wellbeing to the user. These chairs have also been known to reduce costs to companies where staff members take leave due to back problems. Our Ergonomic chairs have been manufactured and designed in such a way as to improve the efficiency and comfort of the human body while in the seated position and will offer the maximum comfort and support to the body while you are seated and working at your desk. The Maverick Mid back and High back chairs have been Ergonomically Certified by Ergomax Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Ergonomic chairs have a 5 year Guarantee on all components and workmanship and are upholstered in a variety of bonded leather and fabric upholstery options. Delivery lead time is approximately 10- 15 working days.

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